Chapter 19

Ten More Frequently Asked Questions

In This Chapter

arrow How do I respond to an error message?

arrow What's eCenter?

arrow What are the benefits of linking Timeslips and Outlook?

arrow Can I copy name and address information from one client to another?

arrow Can I save printer settings for bills?

Chapter 18 lists ten commonly asked questions and their answers. This chapter lists ten more.

How Do I Respond to an Error Message?

When responding to an error message, try each of the following steps in turn. After each step, repeat the action that caused the error in the first place to see whether the error has been resolved:

  1. Exit and restart the program.

    If the problem isn't fixed, continue with Step 2.

  2. Empty your Temp folder:
    1. With no programs running other than Windows. Choose Start⇒Run.
    2. Type %temp% to open a Windows Explorer window showing the contents of your Temp folder.
    3. Delete all the files in the folder.

      Windows might not want to delete some files because Windows is using them. That’s OK; just ...

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