Sales Badassery

Book description

Turn the tables on the social dynamics of sales—stop chasing prospects and start closing deals

Sales Badassery: Kick Ass. Take Names. Crush the Competition is a no-nonsense guide to transforming your entire attitude to sales, turning the old way of doing things on its head to shift all the power to you. The common myth of sales strategy tells you to approach a prospect from a position of deference—they hold the superior position, forcing you to supplicate, beg, make undue concessions, and be at their beck and call during and after the sale. This indispensable work shows you that levelling the playing field is not enough, you need to slant it in your direction. The innovative Sales Badassery philosophy enables you to turn yourself into an unstoppable sales powerhouse, taking no prisoners along the way.

Best-selling author Frank Rumbauskas has distilled years of successful sales experience into an effective sales philosophy. This invaluable book provides the tools and guidance for transforming ordinary salespeople into top-level businesspersons. Regardless of what you sell, the proven techniques of this essential resource will empower you to:

  • Transform yourself into a Sales Badass, respected by your customers and feared by your competitors
  • Stop sucking up to your prospects and never accept the word “no”
  • Adopt a zero-tolerance policy for disrespectful and unreasonable customers
  • Convert customers into colleagues to expand your contacts and increase referrals

Sales Badassery: Kick Ass. Take Names. Crush the Competition is a must-read for everyone tired of chasing prospects and selling their souls for the sake of a sale. This transformative approach to sales will enable you leverage your power, conquer your competitors, and steer your goals in the direction you always wanted.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Preface
    1. What’s Wrong with This Picture?
    2. The Problem with Modern Sales Professionals
    3. A Modern-Day Warrior
    4. The Man without a Smile
    5. Selling versus Negotiating: The Importance of Power
    6. Let’s Kick Some Ass
    7. Note
  3. 1 SALES BADASSES ARE INSTANTLY LIKEABLE The Secrets of Making People Like and Trust You Instantly—and Making Them Buy
    1. The Three-Step Strategy to Instant Likeability
  4. 2 SALES BADASSES NEVER DRESS LIKE SHIT The Psychology of Good Clothes, and How to Use It
    1. A Very Disappointed Princess
    2. Note
  5. 3 SALES BADASSES NEVER CHASE OR BEG Getting What You Want without Chasing, Begging, or Selling Your Soul
    1. A Very Sad (and Broke) Cold Caller
    2. Why Chasing and Pursuing Are Losers’ Strategies
    3. The Wanting-It Tax
    4. Cat Theory
    1. The Power of Autosuggestion in Sales Badassery
    2. Practical Goal Setting and Achievement
    3. “Impossible” Sales Easily Closed with This Mindset
    4. Overcoming Your Limiting Beliefs— Sales Badasses Have None
    5. Mental Movies
    6. The Psychology of Good Clothes, Revisited
    7. Limiting Beliefs Common to Salespeople
  7. 5 SALES BADASSES ARE POWERFUL TO THE VERY END Selling and Negotiation Are One and the Same
    1. A Primer on Negotiating
    2. What Is Power in Sales?
    3. Power in Negotiation
    4. Keys to Power and Sales Success
    1. How to Succeed in Sales
    2. Why Avoiding Selling Benefits Sales Badasses
    3. The Sales Badass Is Very Hands-on
    4. The Yes Ladder
    5. Going Under the Radar for Easy Sales
    6. Selling and Programming Walls
  9. 7 BOLDNESS IS FOR LOSERS Sales Badassery Self-Confidence
    1. Show Me, Don’t Tell Me
  10. 8 SALES BADASSES NEVER SEEK APPROVAL Stop Chasing and Start Getting
    1. “Just a Few Dollars”
    2. Approval-Seeking Behaviors
    3. Ditch Your Secret Excuse
  11. 9 SALES BADASSES ARE HUMAN LIE DETECTORS Know Which Objections Are Real and Which Ones Are Bullshit
    1. Detecting Lies: Quantity Over Quality
    2. The Verbal Deceptive Indicators to Watch For
    3. The Body Language of Deception
    4. Putting It All Together
  12. 10 PERSUASION THE SALES BADASSERY WAY Sales Badasses Never Sell—They Make People Want to Buy
    1. Customers Always Come First
    2. What Motivates You to Sell?
    3. How Misguided Persuasion Hurt Me
    4. The Law of Compensation
    5. Sales Badassery Persuasion
    6. Making Honest Persuasion Your Foundation
  13. 11 HOW TO BECOME A PROMINENT SALES BADASS It Doesn’t Matter Who You Know—What Matters Is Who Knows You
    1. Becoming Prominent in the Twenty-First Century
    2. The World Won’t Beat a Path to Your Door
    3. Podcasting: Today’s Mainstream Radio
    4. Dominate Your Space with YouTube
    5. Live Video
    6. LinkedIn
    7. Facebook and Twitter
    8. Speaking to Attain Prominence
  14. 12 NETWORKING THE SALES BADASSERY WAY Sales Badasses Don’t Network, They Leverage Networking
    1. The Loser’s Networking Strategy
    2. How One Man Became “Mayor” of His City
    3. Zero to $20,000 a Month Through Networking Badassery
    4. My Favorite Networking Venue
    1. Your Results Will Never Exceed Your Thoughts
    2. The Ass-Backwards Sales-Goal-Setting Method
    3. How to Train Your Mind to Produce Big
    4. The Death Knell of Goal Achievement
    5. Goals Turned Obsessions
  16. About the Author
  17. Acknowledgments
  18. Epilogue
  19. Index

Product information

  • Title: Sales Badassery
  • Author(s): Frank J. Rumbauskas Jr.
  • Release date: April 2019
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781119546344