2SALES BADASSES NEVER DRESS LIKE SHITThe Psychology of Good Clothes, and How to Use It

A Very Disappointed Princess

I’m not much of a Star Wars fan, but my wife and her brothers are huge fans, so I’ve had my share of exposure to it.

Remember the scene when Princess Leah had the skimpy bikini on, and Jabba the Hut came out with this ultrapowerful, uber-confident line, “Soon you will come to appreciate me”?

On top of his supreme confidence, he had wealth, power, servants … and yet Princess Leah was totally repulsed by him.


His appearance (and I have to assume his smell too, but that’s another story).

I thought of this title chapter from the movie Boiler Room. It’s that scene where Ben Affleck’s character sits all the new recruits down in the conference room, sits down at the head of the table, and starts off the meeting with, “Most of you guys [pause] … dress like shit.” Then the camera shows the new recruits wearing cheap suits, bad ties, off-color shirts, and the like.

Here’s the funny part: For years before that movie came out, I was the guy in the office dressed like Ben Affleck’s character, and I constantly told everyone else in the office they all dressed like shit and needed to up their clothing game if they wanted to perform on my level. After all, they always asked what my secret was, when it was obvious that I looked like a CEO and they looked like someone from the mailroom by comparison.

They’d shoot right back with, “This golf shirt costs a hundred bucks” and ...

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