It doesn’t matter how you play the game. It’s whether you win or lose that counts.

—Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson may not be much of a winner, but the Sales Badass is, and that quote is more true in sales than in any other profession.

In sales there are no “participation” trophies. You either win or you lose. If the best you can do is to try your hardest and show good sportsmanship when you lose, you’ll wind up broke, unemployed, and bankrupt.

That’s why there’s no second or third place in sales. You either do or die.

And that’s why Sales Badasses never see losing as an option. Not ever.

For a real-life example of this, consider Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential campaign. Whether you love him or hate him—and it’s always one or the other—is irrelevant. The point is that his supreme confidence and his undying belief that he would win, even when the odds were stacked so far against him that he was considered as having no chance at all, brought him to victory.

Then he was sworn in as the forty-fifth president of the United States.


Because he always believed he would win! That’s all there is to the Trump story of election success!

We’ve all been taught about goals, but how much do we really practice goal setting? Moreover, how much do any of us really practice the principle of autosuggestion—repeated self-suggestion of a thought, idea, or goal—until it becomes reality?

Here’s a bit of hard truth: If you are not writing down your sales ...

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