9SALES BADASSES ARE HUMAN LIE DETECTORSKnow Which Objections Are Real and Which Ones Are Bullshit

WARNING: Do not attempt to use these techniques in your personal life, especially with your significant other. Everyone has secrets, and if you detect deception when they deny them, your relationship will be in big trouble. Only use these techniques in the world of business and sales.

Objections seem to be the bane of most sales professionals. Entire books have been written on overcoming objections, but how can you possibly overcome an objection if you don’t know if it’s true or if the prospect is lying or throwing out token objections to get rid of you?

For example, the biggest problem objection is price. “We can’t afford it.” “It’s not in our budget.” However, most of the time, price objections are bogus. The prospect is either trying to worm his way out of buying from you, or they’re trying to get a deep discount that isn’t helpful to either you or your company.

Since salespeople struggle with price objections and few are adept at overcoming them, how valuable will it be to know if the price objection is real or not?

That’s where deception detection comes in. The strategies in this chapter were learned from CIA interrogation techniques; those officers are very adept at detecting lies when someone is talking, and what you’re going to learn here is a big picture version of what they do, limited to the techniques that matter most in sales. There are entire books written on this ...

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