Chapter 3Humanizing Sales with Personas, Personalization, and Relevance

At Outreach, we work with thousands of high-growth-focused sales organizations. We get the privilege of picking the brains of some of the most forward-thinking and successful sales leaders every week.

The most frequent challenge we hear from these leaders is balancing e-mail quantity and e-mail quality.

We’re here to tell you that personalization at scale is a challenge, but it can be done.

Mark’s Take: The Three Main Types of E-mail Customization and the Pros and Cons of Each

Let’s start with reviewing the three types of e-mail customization. E-mail customization must be solved for on three distinct levels: account, persona, and hyper-personalized. At Outreach, we initially solved for account-based customization. This was a deliberate decision, so let me explain so you don’t have to screw up like we did. Then we’ll cover persona-based customization and hyper-personalization.

  1. Account-based customization: Account-based customization involves looking at the specific challenges and goals of a company, versus those of a role.
    •  Pros:
      • You create content that can be used across an entire account, regardless of role.
      • It makes your communication very tailored for a specific account.
      • It can help reps have better conversations as there will be a high level of intelligence specific to the company.
      • It allows you to go faster as reps use “talking points” across multiple contacts in an account.
    •  Cons:
      • If you aren’t ...

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