CHAPTER 3The L.E.A.D.S. Coaching Model at Work


Welcome, once again, to the life and times of the chief problem solver. Before we dive into best coaching practices, let's look at what coaching is not. What follows are examples of what not to do and in no way resembles what good coaching looks and sounds like. These are simply hollow statements, empty and devoid of substance. As you read through these examples of common conversations managers have, think about how much of the conversation is left on the table due to the assumptions being made.

Failed Conversation 1: Coaching Performance and Behavior

Direct Report Manager
I know my numbers are slipping. Do you have any advice for me? Just make more calls. And take the time to learn more about our products/services. Also, make sure you really qualify every opportunity, so ask better questions during your next meeting.

Failed Conversation 2: Skill Coaching During a Deal Review

Direct Report Manager
The customer is pushing back on moving ahead with us. Any suggestions for what I can do to turn this around? Call the customer and find out what's getting in the way and we'll talk about this tomorrow.

Failed Conversation 3: Gap Analysis During a Pipeline Review

Direct Report Manager
Here are all the current deals I'm working on in my pipeline. I think they should all close ...

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