CHAPTER 4How to Coach in 10 Minutes or Less

Imagine you're in a pressure situation: a deal needs to be closed, a customer issue needs to be resolved, or a decision needs to be made. At that point, do you have to be directive with your team and tell them what they must do?

Not exactly.

It took me three decades of innovation, testing, coaching, practice, research, and refinement to develop my L.E.A.D.S. framework, the undisputed, perfect, bulletproof coaching strategy, and the only coaching framework that works for every sales leader and coach on the planet. And after tens of thousands of managers have adopted this framework, they report back that it is the only one that always works. It sounds like a huge success, right?

Why isn't there another framework dedicated to sales leaders? Because, with all due respect, the authors who write other coaching books have often never managed anyone or been a salesperson! Those frameworks may be valuable in other industries, but when it comes to the world of sales, they will not work. They fall short of necessary, critical steps for coaching sales leaders, but my approach resolves this issue forever.

Of course, I just couldn't stop there. As the business community continues to evolve, coaching does, too, in order to keep up with the changes in our marketplace.

One major breakthrough presented in Sales Leadership comes from being able to deliver laser‐precise coaching in 10 minutes. But what if there were a way to coach in just sixty seconds? ...

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