CHAPTER 5Tools to Manage the Coaching Process and Assess Results

In my previous book, Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions, people told me how much they appreciated and enjoyed the hands‐on, tactical, and actionable approach to coaching and managing the coaching process. I still hear about how they would take just one idea and use it that very day with impressive results! It wasn't all theoretical with overengineered processes and poorly defined, vague coaching strategies that were hard to discern and implement.

That's why I've taken the same approach with this book, which is loaded with practical, actionable tools and the most robust sales coaching framework on the planet, which you can use immediately.

This chapter includes several forms and templates to help manage the coaching process, track results, and hold people accountable to their goals and commitments. Whether you're listening to the audiobook, or reading the electronic or hardcover version of this book, log into this super‐secret, password‐protected resource section on my site at‐leadership‐resources/. Enter the password, ICoachChampions12 and enjoy all the additional resources I've provided, including the forms in this chapter!


One of the most valuable coaching tools you can use to manage the coaching process and ensure each coaching session is achieving maximum value, is what I call the Coaching Prep Form.

The intention of this document is to

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