CHAPTER 6Transforming Critical Conversations into Positive Change and Measurable Results


In the spirit of supporting you unconditionally, I'm going to deliver a tough message.

If you're a manager, when you feel angry, impatient, frustrated, and disappointed with your employees and their performance, don't blame them. It's always your fault. I'm sorry if it stings a little, but you know it's true. Avalanches roll downhill. How can you expect your people to be 100 percent accountable if the manager is not?

The power of personal accountability and change starts with you. If you take responsibility and ownership of this and every problem 100 percent of the time, you're modeling greatness. And that's the great news! Because it's entirely in your power to become the leader you want to be and create the team you dream of. You're reading this book so that you can become a titan of coaching and leadership. The by‐product is that you and your team win bigger than ever before.


As you focus on your employees and their coaching needs, don't lose sight of how coaching will also impact you, the manager. Not only will you develop champions, you will also improve your quality of life. More effective coaching equates to more job fulfillment, peace of mind, and joy. When you have less work, less stress, and fewer problems, you gain time to devote to more productive activities.

This point became piercingly clear to me during a coaching session I had with Anna, ...

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