CHAPTER 9Coach Tracks: Turn Difficult Situations into Coaching Wins

Do you find yourself butting heads with some coworkers or clients? Are you stressed and frustrated because they prevent you from getting your job done? Do you resist having what you may perceive as a difficult conversation? (See Chapter 7 to debunk the myth that there are difficult conversations.) These issues stagnate growth, productivity, and revenue. There's no reason to tolerate toxic relationships or stressful situations when all it takes is a conversation to repair and reinvent them.

Here are six coach tracks for common situations historically perceived as unfixable that will make every manager's job easier and more enjoyable, improve collaboration and performance, reduce conflict and contention, so you can be the person everyone loves working with.


Imagine what would be possible if everyone in your company was unconditionally supportive of each other and was accountable for developing healthy, empowering relationships—without the drama. Working within the confines of your team is one thing. However, marketing needs to play nicely with sales. Sales and every department need to play nicely with each other, whether operations, finance, engineers, IT, HR, or customer support. People lose sight of the fact that working toward a shared vision helps everyone win.

What is the root cause of this isolation and competing responsibilities that ...

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