CHAPTER 1215 Common Coaching Killers That Sabotage Coaching Success

As we approach the finish line of this book, what I want for you is to adopt these best‐in‐class practices so you can become the transformational leader and coach I know you are and will continue to become! The fact that you're at this point in the book demonstrates that you already possess the most important, core characteristic needed to become a respected leader and coach—care.

And, while we've focused on what you need to do to be the best you that you can be by continually developing and refining your skills and leadership DNA, it's just as important to be mindful of the negative thinking, behaviors, and things we do and say that will sabotage your coaching, brand, trust, and legacy. What follows are 15 common mistakes or coaching killers that leaders need to recognize, learn from, and sidestep.


Remove any words that end with n't. If we know coaching is the language of leadership, then take these words out of your vocabulary, because they don't translate. As a manager and coach, you have no use for them. These words focus deeper on the problem, instead of moving toward creating a new and better solution and opportunity.

  • Can't
  • Won't
  • Wouldn't
  • Shouldn't
  • Couldn't
  • Aren't
  • Didn't
  • Isn't
  • But (Negates everything stated before it. Use “And” instead.)

Managers tend to focus more on what their people are not doing and what's not working, ...

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