CHAPTER 13Culture‐Shift: Sustaining The Habit of Coaching

While waiting to board my flight to Singapore, I was excited to bump into a manager who I had coached a few years ago. I asked her how things had been progressing with her sales team and their performance.

She said, “Keith, things are finally getting better.” Now, as a coach, naturally, I asked her, “Why? What's changed?”

And this manager's response, which is still rare to hear today was this: “Because I'm getting better.”

This is the foundational thinking of great leadership. If you want your people to change; if you want them to have a positive attitude and be more accountable, coachable, transparent, loyal, collaborative, driven, open to feedback, fearless, caring, vulnerable, trusting, productive, inspired, focused, organized, supportive, respectful, and innovative—change starts with you. And that's good news because creating a team of champions and a culture of coaching is all in your power.

Are you modeling the behavior you want to see in others? Every morning, look yourself in the eye, and make a commitment. What's the one change or improvement you can make today that would positively impact and help others succeed, while building a personal brand and legacy you would be proud of?

If you want to make people more valuable, it starts with making yourself more valuable; that will always be your choice.


At this point, you have everything ...

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