PREFACEThe Power of Why

Years ago, there lived a wise and noble king. The king lived a happy life with his beautiful wife. A few years after their marriage, his wife got sick and died soon after. Unfortunately, this tragedy occurred before having children, leaving the king to rule the kingdom alone.

While devastated by the loss of his wife, the king stayed true to his commitment to rule with honor and take care of the people in his kingdom.

The love for his wife was so strong, the king couldn't bear the thought of ever getting married again. As the years passed, having no children of his own, the king knew the time would come when he would have to find the right man who, upon his death, would take his place as king. Since there was no bloodline and no son who could rightfully take the king's place, he called upon the people of the kingdom to help him find a suitable heir to the throne. The king knew there would have to be a test of some sort that would help identify the most promising candidate.

One day, while the king was taking a stroll through the countryside, he came upon a massive sinkhole that must have been about 750 meters long and 100 meters wide. “I've got it!” exclaimed the king. “I know the test that would help me identify the next king.” And with that, he quickly returned to the castle to share his idea with his advisors. The very next day, the king issued a decree throughout the kingdom. “Come one, come all. In three weeks' time, those who feel worthy enough to ...

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