Chapter 2

So You Got the Job, Now What Do You Do?

In This Chapter

arrow Defining the position of a sales manager

arrow Establishing your management style

arrow Presenting yourself effectively as a manager

Congratulations! You got the job. Now the work begins. And, more than likely, you’re experiencing equal parts pride and terror. You’ve worked many years to get this opportunity and now you feel a bit unsure where to begin.

Or maybe you’ve been a sales manager for a while, but you’re finding yourself running into the same issues and aren’t sure what to do. Well, lucky for you, there’s an instruction manual: this book.

Relax and take a breath. You’ve been given the opportunity of a career that will reward you financially, emotionally, personally, and professionally. You’re about to enter the world of sales management — where the lines can sometimes blur between what is sales and what is management — and you’re expected to respond in the correct manner every time. Note: You won’t.

warning Let me get this out of the way before I go any further: You’re going to experience days and perhaps weeks when you sit ...

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