Chapter 3

Tailoring Your Value Proposition to Fit Your Audience

In This Chapter

arrow Comprehending why value is critical

arrow Creating a strong value proposition

arrow Tailoring your message based on the decision-maker’s role

arrow Weaving value throughout your presentation

In an age where you can customize anything over the Internet or order any one of 87,000 varieties of drinks at your local coffee shop, to deliver your presentation in only one flavor is a recipe for disaster. Today’s decision makers want to do business with salespeople who exhibit a clear understanding of their issues, not a one-size-fits-all solution. Delivering a message focused on what is important to the prospect, as opposed to what you have to sell, allows you to create value and rise above the competitive noise to become a preferred vendor.

Value serves as the organizational principle around which your presentation is constructed. It helps you determine what out of the entire pool of information you’ve collected to keep and what you can leave on the editing room floor. Although simply throwing as many features and benefits into ...

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