Chapter 6

Ratcheting Up the Tension as You Build Your Case

In This Chapter

arrow Exploring the parts of a persuasive case

arrow Creating urgency by building up tension

arrow Engaging emotions and driving attention

arrow Selecting topics with a customer perspective

arrow Structuring the body around your value proposition

You have your prospect’s attention with your opening. Now what? Eighty to 90 percent of your presentation is contained in the body. If your presentation’s body doesn’t deliver on the promise of your opening, your prospect may not be awake for the closing. The body is the meat and potatoes of your presentation, but meat and potatoes can be pretty bland without a little spice or gravy. Many sales presentations fall apart in this crucial middle section, devolving into one long monologue or product brochure. During your body, eyes can start to wander toward phones, exits, and fire escapes — anything to break up the monotony. The midsection of most presentations derail because they lose sight of the ...

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