Chapter 8

Crafting Your Agenda, Intro, and Company Overview

In This Chapter

arrow Keeping your audience’s attention during your agenda, intro, and overview

arrow Developing and following an interactive agenda

arrow Establishing credibility with your introduction

arrow Creating a customer-focused overview

Since the beginning of time, or at least PowerPoint, salespeople have begun their presentations with an introduction, an agenda, and a slide, handout, or a hieroglyphic showing:

  • A picture of the company’s headquarters
  • Customer logos
  • A timeline of product launches, acquisitions, and company growth
  • Industry awards, achievements, or accreditations
  • Bios of the executive team

Here I refer to the corporate or company overview. Like the introduction, salespeople and customers alike dread it. Why? Because it’s as boring to give as it is to receive. Not to worry. It’s not your fault. Even Samuel L. Jackson couldn’t make the typical company overview sound interesting! Here you can find out about transforming transitional sections like your agenda, the introduction, and the overview into engaging, valuable sections ...

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