Chapter 15

Handling Objections Like a Pro

In This Chapter

arrow Recognizing the upside to objections

arrow Understanding different types of objections

arrow Anticipating and pre-empting objections in your presentation

arrow Being aware of verbal and nonverbal signals

arrow Making sure you’re answering the real objection

arrow Addressing objections on the fly

Most people — not just salespeople — dislike objections. They break up the flow of your presentation. They introduce conflict. And they can rattle even the best of salespeople. But the way in which you deal — or don’t deal — with objections can make or break the success of your presentation. A variety of different objection-handling techniques are available — some good, some dated, and some just plain silly, but two things are clear:

  • You need a process. Things happen quickly in a presentation. If you don’t have a process to fall back on, you can lose your place ...

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