Chapter 16

Presenting as a Team Sport

In This Chapter

arrow Building a winning team

arrow Determining roles and responsibilities

arrow Rehearsing as an ensemble — not a soloist

arrow Presenting a united front when handling Q&A and objections

The way you work as a team gives your prospect a good indication of what working with your company will be like. Sloppy transitions, disjointed delivery, and discord among team members can feel more like working with a dysfunctional family than a valued business partner! Presenting a united front with consistent messaging, seamless interaction, and good chemistry delivers a vote of confidence to your prospect. It can be a real differentiator in a competitive selling situation.

If you’re involved in a complex or high stakes sale, more than likely you’ll present as part of a team — competing against other sales teams for a major piece of business. Big dollars are often at stake during these road shows, making it critical that everyone involved be on the same page. In an ideal team-selling world, roles, expectations, and deadlines combined with ongoing communication are ...

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