Chapter 19

Adjusting for Specialty Presentations and Audiences

In This Chapter

arrow Maintaining engagement in full day and multiday presentations

arrow Developing winning tactics for a strategic sales presentation

arrow Sticking to a structure in an in-home presentation

arrow Showing team unity in interview-style presentations

arrow Adjusting your presentation for changing circumstances

Astrategic sales presentation that lasts one or more days, an interview presentation designed to test your teamwork, a listing presentation that takes place in a prospect’s home. Although many best practices in presentation planning, discovery, and principles remain the same, there are many types of sales presentations, each with its unique characteristics and challenges. How you adapt to your individual circumstances and environment is often key to your success.

Adapting is nothing new for salespeople who must be quick on their feet to deal with ever-changing conditions. A one-on-one presentation you prepared for morphs into ...

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