Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification Training

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The Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification Training helps you explore everything from understanding basic Salesforce concepts to building apps on the platform, setting up security and access permissions, and creating workflow automation procedures. The course also prepares you for the Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification Exam.

We will start by getting an in-depth understanding of the exam details and the requirements. Next, we will explore Salesforce and learn to create a Salesforce account. We will look at the process of customizing profile and role creation. We will also cover Salesforce data and how to create custom objects. We will explore the lightning console and understand how to move from classic to lightning.

Along the course, we will learn data modeling and management, custom objects, and understand standard and custom objects. We will learn to demonstrate how to create various lightning pages and how to create a roll-up summary field. Learn about security access and grant access using hierarchies and about permission sets. Explore the various types of reports and create a custom report type, create joined reports and dashboards.

By the end of this course, you will have understood the topics that will help you pass the certification exam.

What You Will Learn

  • Explore Lightning App builder and Lightning web components
  • Learn data modelling and management
  • Learn all about process automation, security, and access
  • Understand how to use global picklist in objects
  • Learn to create a master-detail relationship
  • Learn how to create custom objects and fields
  • Learn to create a Sandbox and change set for deployment


This Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification course is suitable for individuals looking to build a career in Salesforce, app developers, system administrators, sales representatives, and product managers.

Learners need to possess an undergraduate degree or a high school diploma

About The Author

Learnkart Technology Private Limited: Learnkart understands the importance of upskilling and its impact on you. They pride themselves in creating specialized e-learning courses that will not only prepare you for certification exams but also help you gain hands-on knowledge for real-world applications. Thousands of students have developed their skills with Learnkart through a variety of courses, such as PgMP, Risk Management Professional (RMP), speech recognition, Python, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and more. Learnkart regularly adds courses to its portfolio to lend more value to your learning experience.

Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Introduction to Salesforce
    1. Salesforce Admin and App Builder Certification Course Introduction
    2. Exam Details
    3. Learning Objective
    4. Cloud Basics
    5. Salesforce Introduction
    6. Introduction to CRM
    7. Salesforce Offerings
    8. Creating a Salesforce Account
    9. Summary
  2. Chapter 2 : Organizational Setup
    1. Learning Objective
    2. Org Introduction
    3. Salesforce Classic Versus Lightning
    4. Lightning Features
    5. Creating Developer Account and Accessing Lightning Console
    6. Lightning Experience Transition Assistant
    7. Summary
    8. Demo - Creating an SF Acct App Setup
    9. Demo - Knowing Your Lightning Console
    10. Demo - Moving from Classic to Lightning
  3. Chapter 3 : Data Modeling and Management
    1. Learning Objective
    2. Standard and Custom Objects
    3. Creating Custom Objects
    4. Tabs
    5. Create Tabs
    6. Fields
    7. Create Fields
    8. API Name
    9. Global Picklist
    10. Use Global Picklist in Objects
    11. Field Dependencies
    12. Data Types
    13. Define Formula Expression
    14. Functions
    15. Create Formula Fields
    16. Roll-Up Summaries
    17. Create Roll-Up Summary Field
    18. Object Relationships
    19. Create Master-Detail Relationship
    20. Schema Builder
    21. Summary
    22. Demo One - Creating Custom Objects and Fields
    23. Demo Two - Customizing Objects and Fields
    24. Demo Three - Creating Validation Rules and Field Relationships
  4. Chapter 4 : Security and Access
    1. Learning Objective
    2. Data Access
    3. Organization Wide Defaults (OWD)
    4. Sharing Settings
    5. Access Levels in OWD
    6. Grant Access Using Hierarchies
    7. Role and Role Hierarchy
    8. Working with Role
    9. Summary
    10. Permission Sets
    11. Sharing Rules
    12. Demo One - Working on OWD
    13. Demo Two - Permission Sets
    14. Demo – Security Deep Dive
  5. Chapter 5 : Process Automation
    1. Learning Objective
    2. Process Automation
    3. Workflow
    4. Workflow Rules
    5. Workflow Rules Limitations
    6. Create Workflow rules
    7. Configure Tasks for Workflow Rules
    8. Configuring Email Alerts for Workflow Rules
    9. Configuring Field Updates for Workflows
    10. Activating and Monitoring the Workflow Rule
    11. Understanding Cross-object Field Updates
    12. Process Builder
    13. Configure Process Builder
    14. Flows
    15. Launch a Flow from Page
    16. Summary
    17. Demo One – Creating Flows
    18. Demo Two- Workflow Creation and Configuration
    19. Demo Three- Process Builder Creation and Configuration
    20. Demo Four- Flows and Configuration
    21. Demo Five- Adding Screen Flow Using Buttons
  6. Chapter 6 : Lightning App Builder
    1. Learning Objective
    2. Single-Page Application (SPA)
    3. Browsers and Devices for Lightning Experience
    4. Desktop Mobile Apps
    5. Lightning App Builder
    6. Lightning Components and Console
    7. Types of Components
    8. Custom Component
    9. Package or Custom Lightning Component
    10. App Builder User Interface
    11. Best Practices for Building Lightning Pages
    12. Summary
    13. Demo One - Creating Lightning Apps
    14. Demo Two - Adding Standard Components to Lightning Pages
  7. Chapter 7 : Lightning App
    1. Learning Objective
    2. Lightning Page Types
    3. Create Lightning Home Page
    4. Create Lightning App Page
    5. Create Lightning Record Page
    6. Rolling Out Custom Pages to users
    7. Summary
    8. Demo One - Creating Lightning Home - Record - App Pages
    9. Demo Two - Assigning Rolling Out Pages to Users and Apps
  8. Chapter 8 : Lightning Web Components
    1. Learning Objective
    2. Lightning Web Component
    3. My Domain
    4. Installing a Custom LWC
    5. Environment for LWC Development
    6. Add LWC to App - Home - Record Page
    7. Summary
    8. Demo One- Creating My domain and Lightning Web Component
    9. Demo Two - Adding LWC to Your App Home Record Page
  9. Chapter 9 : Lightning Reports and Dashboards
    1. Learning Objective
    2. Reports
    3. Types of Reports
    4. Lightning Report Builder
    5. Filters
    6. Creating Charts
    7. Sharing Reports
    8. Exporting Reports
    9. Dashboards
    10. Dashboards Subscription
    11. Summary
    12. Demo one - Creating Dashboards
    13. Demo Two - Creating Reports
    14. Demo Three - Managing Reports Dashboards
  10. Chapter 10 : App Deployment
    1. Learning Objective
    2. Deployment Basics
    3. Change Sets
    4. Create Sandbox
    5. Deploy Change Sets
    6. ANT Tool
    7. Install ANT Tool
    8. ANT Tool Configuration
    9. Deployment Using ANT
    10. Summary
    11. Demo - Creating a Sandbox and Change Set for Deployment

Product information

  • Title: Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification Training
  • Author(s): Learnkart Technology Private Limited
  • Release date: August 2022
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781804611197