Chapter 5. Managing Accounts

In This Chapter

  • Understanding the account record

  • Entering accounts

  • Organizing account lists

  • Using the account related lists

  • Keeping your accounts up‐to‐date

Who are your customers? What do you know about them? What are their top compelling business problems? If you had trouble answering any of these questions, pay close attention to this chapter. In this chapter, we discuss how to use Salesforce to manage your accounts.

In Salesforce, an account is a company that you do business with. Accounts can include all types of companies — customers, prospects, partners, and even competitors. Among the top reasons why companies implement any customer relationship management (CRM) tool is that they need a centralized place where they can store account data, and they find themselves searching all over the place for critical customer information. With Salesforce, you can keep all your important account information in one place so that you and your team can apply that knowledge to sell more and keep customers happy. For example, if you work for a pharmaceutical company, you can use the accounts area to manage your territory of hospitals, clinics, and top offices and capture everything from call reports to business plans.

In this chapter, we describe all the ways you can use accounts to manage and track companies. First, you need to get your important company lists into Salesforce and organize them according to the way that you work. Then, you find how out to make the best ...

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