Chapter 15. Understanding Salesforce Service & Support

In This Chapter

  • Understanding Service & Support processes

  • Creating cases

  • Updating cases

  • Viewing case lists

  • Using solutions to research cases

  • Resolving cases

Salesforce Service & Support is more than just a simple customer support application to track and resolve cases.

With Salesforce Service & Support, you have all the tools at your fingertips to efficiently deliver excellent customer service while managing the costs of operations. In days and weeks, versus months and years, you can start and manage a fully integrated customer service strategy that supports the many channels that customers use to communicate with you.

In this chapter, we help support reps understand how to use Salesforce Service & Support. We first discuss basic support rep processes for handling new cases, and then we cover how to manage the growing caseload within Salesforce Service & Support.

Walking through a Day in the Life of a Sales Rep

Salesforce Service & Support follows a general process when it comes to managing cases. Support reps commonly perform these tasks on any given day. The specific tasks may be different in your company, but you probably see some similarities:

  • Responding to inbound e‐mails and calls

  • Taking down new cases from assigned queues

  • Validating that the inquiry is coming from an authorized contact

  • Creating a case to begin tracking efforts to resolve the issue

  • Working the caseload, including researching solutions

  • Resolving issues

  • Communicating the ...

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