Chapter 23. Ten Ways to Drive More Productivity

In This Chapter

  • Five resources for users and administrators

  • Five existing tools that you shouldn't overlook drives much of their feature updates based on their existing roadmap and requests from customers just like you. A few times a year, comes out with a new release of their award‐winning service. Unlike traditional software upgrades, these releases are immediately available to all customers depending, of course, on which edition they use.

Keeping track of all the cool new updates that releases can get a little overwhelming. The speed with which they're able to roll out releases is often barely faster than our ability to write all about it and get it in print to you! On the flip side, perhaps you do keep track of the newest features but have been struggling with an apparent feature limitation or would like more advice on how to best implement a particular feature.

Fortunately for us, both and its community of users strongly believe in helping each other out in order to make every customer successful. Through a variety of channels, the community shares best practices and offers suggestions and workarounds for even the toughest, head‐scratcher questions.

In this chapter, we summarize five essential resources that every user in your organization should know about. Then we cover five great productivity tools that you might have overlooked.

Finding the Top Five Resources ...

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