Chapter 16. Managing Your Customer Service Solution

In This Chapter

  • Customizing cases

  • Using case queues and assignment rules

  • Building a knowledge base

  • Automating your support processes

  • Improving team productivity

The heart of any successful customer service application is case management, and Salesforce Service & Support provides a fully integrated solution to track, resolve, and manage all customer interactions, regardless of the point of entry.

Your support team can log in and begin using cases and solutions immediately; but they'll be much more successful if you invest some time upfront to customize the program to the team's exact needs.

In this chapter, we guide the support executive or administrator on setting up case processes and customizing cases. Next, we review how to configure a scalable knowledge base with your collection of solutions. Then, we cover the different methods for automating customer service processes to improve agent efficiency.

Preparing Your Salesforce Service & Support Strategy

As a support executive, if you want to get Salesforce Service & Support working for you, you need to do some careful upfront planning. After you think through your processes, you can customize cases either by yourself or with your Salesforce Service & Support administrator. Here are some tips to think about before you get started:

  • Define and prioritize your service and support objectives.

  • Identify and acknowledge your key challenges. Try to identify the biggest ones first.

  • Start with the end ...

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