Chapter 3

Personalizing Your System

In This Chapter

arrow Updating your profile

arrow Finding out about My Settings

arrow Changing your personal settings

arrow Working away from work

arrow Adding your contacts to Salesforce

Salesforce was built by salespeople for salespeople. The tool had to be simple to use, relevant to the business of selling, and customizable so that you could use it to do your job more effectively.

The My Profile page captures information that you want your colleagues to see about yourself, to improve collaboration across your company. Think of it as a light directory listing for everyone who works in Salesforce.

From the My Settings page (formerly known as the Personal Setup page), you can personalize details of your application to better suit the way you look at and manage your daily tasks. And if you capitalize on the tools available to you in Salesforce, you can give yourself an edge against the competition and your peers.

In this chapter, we describe how to update your personal information ...

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