Chapter 20

Customizing Salesforce with

In This Chapter

arrow Modifying standard business processes

arrow Managing multiple business processes

arrow Customizing page and search layouts

arrow Managing record types

arrow Using dependent picklists

arrow Setting workflow processes

If you’re just beginning your implementation, Salesforce comes preconfigured with a number of common fields in simple layouts for each of the tabs. You could buy your licenses, log in, and without any customization, start using it to track your customers. So why is it that as the top cloud-based CRM provider, no two instances of Salesforce are likely to be identical?

The answer is a key ingredient to your success: The more Salesforce is customized to your business, the more likely your company will use it effectively and productively … as long as you lay a strong foundation (using this book will help)!

If you’re an administrator or a ...

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