Chapter 11

Tracking Products and Price Books


Defining products and price books

Using products and price books

Creating products

Establishing and updating product schedules

Maintaining product lists and price books

Aproduct, as its name implies, is a product or service that you sell to customers. Products are the individual line items that make up an opportunity. Depending on your goals for Salesforce, you may not need to immediately incorporate Salesforce’s product-type features into your opportunities. But if you sell multiple products and services and you struggle with product-level visibility, Salesforce provides powerful and easy tools to implement solutions for users of Professional, Enterprise, or Unlimited Edition.

Using products in Salesforce benefits sales reps and people in product marketing, management, and development throughout your organization. Sales reps can quickly locate the price of a product and select products to calculate an opportunity’s amount. Marketing, management, or development professionals can get vital sales information to support strategic business planning, new product development, and product life cycle management.

In this chapter, we show sales teams how to use products and price books with opportunities (if your administrator has already set that up). Before setting up products and price books, though, administrators first need to do some advanced planning. We discuss how to create a product catalog, set up schedules, and build ...

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