Chapter 19

Building Custom Apps


Understanding the platform

Creating apps on

Deploying apps for your company

What if you could modify your business applications in minutes to match the unique ways you manage your customer relationships? How much more productive could you be if you spent less time fighting your technology and more time with your customers? is the Salesforce platform you use to customize and create on-demand applications simply by pointing and clicking your mouse on easy-to-use web pages. In fact, with, you can not only customize your existing Salesforce applications, but also build entirely new applications to fit the way you do business. If you need a little inspiration, you can also install a preexisting solution from the AppExchange directory (

In this chapter, we demystify the platform and define some basic terms to give you a glimpse of the awesome power of creating custom apps. Then you see how to share your creation on the AppExchange. Finally, we offer simple and critical tips for preparing your deployment game plan.

Understanding Elements of the Platform is the on-demand platform: a suite of development tools for customizing, building, integrating, and installing business applications — and you don’t need to build or maintain any infrastructure yourself to use it. is both a collection of customization tools as well as the ...

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