Troubleshooting the Salt master

In this recipe, you will learn about the various ways to identify and troubleshoot situations when the Salt master stops responding and there is a problem with the configuration of the Salt master.

How to do it...

  1. Run the following command from the Salt master on a minion, and when the command does not respond terminate the command using the Ctrl + C key combination:
    [root@salt-master ~]# salt 'salt-minion'
    Exiting gracefully on Ctrl-c
    [root@salt-master ~]#
  2. Stop the Salt master, using the following command:
    [root@salt-master ~]# service salt-master stop
    Stopping salt-master daemon:                             [  OK  ]
  3. Start the Salt master, using the following command:
    [root@salt-master ~]# salt-master -l debug
    [DEBUG ] Reading configuration ...

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