Setting Up a User Menu

A user menu enables you to set up direct access paths to those parts of the system that you use the most frequently. If most of your work is buried deep in several menu levels, a user menu will simplify your way of getting to it. Follow these steps to set up a custommenu:

  1. From any screen, select System, User Profile, Start User Menu. The User Menu window appears (see Figure 17.1).

  2. Place the cursor on your user ID and click the Configure button. An empty user menu appears.

  3. Click the New Entries button. SAP R/3 displays a dialog box in which you are to supply a name for this menu area (see Figure 17.2).

  4. Enter a name for your new area, such as Purchasing.

    Figure 17.1. Starting a new user menu.
    Figure 17.2. You can use any name that ...

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