The Insert Page

You'll need to add a couple of new functions to the insert page. You'll first have to query the "techs" table to get the password that matches the user's name, and then compare that with the text the user typed into the form. If the match is true, then you can continue with the update process. If not, you need to provide a grave error message.

The Query

Start by opening insert.cfm in the gargantuan folder. You'll first need a query that will take the name passed in the variable #tech_who_took_call# and find the related password for that employee. My query looks like Listing 9.5.

Listing 9.5 The Query Section for insert.cfm
 1: <!--- BEGIN QUERY SECTION ---> 2: 3: <CFQUERY name="get_pass" datasource="gargantuan"> 4: SELECT password ...

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