Using Button Clicks to Move Through the <Catalog> Database

Listing 9.7 is a modification of the previous HTML listing. This program will read all of the child nodes of the <Book> nodes at all levels.

Listing 9.7 Reading All Child Nodes of the <Book> Nodes
 1:<HTML> 2:<HEAD> 3:<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> 4:<!-- 5: // This identifier is used to force the XML processor to 6:// parse the file. 7: var RootElement1; 8:// This is the XML object. 9: var xmlDoc1=new ActiveXObject("microsoft.xmldom"); 10:// This is the global pointer to a node that is used to 11:// move around the <Book> objects. It always stores the 12:// current <Book> object. 13: var globalHoldNode; 14:// This is a global pointer that points to the last 15:// <Book> node. 16: var ...

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