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Sams Teach Yourself XSLT in 21 Days

Book Description

The book covers XSLT and Xpath (as a part of XSLT), as these topics have everything to do with processing XML. It will also cover XML from an XSLT processing and design point of view. Other XML technologies will not be discussed as superset of XSLT, most notably XSL. XSL Formatting Objects alone is enough material for an entire book. Apart from that, XSLT and Xpath form the processing/programming section of the entire XSL specification. This book presents an overview of XSLT and guides readers through transforming their first XML data. In this book you will also learn:

  • Selecting Data-Stylesheets and Xpath Basics;

  • Inserting text and elements in output;

  • Copying elements from the source and inserting text;

  • Conditional processing basics and expressions;

  • Modularizing stylesheets;

  • Understanding, creating, and using templates;

  • Controlling output, as well as creating more advanced output;

  • Using multi-file stylesheets, variables, and parameters;

  • Working with numbers, strings, multiple XML sources, and namespaces;

  • Selecting data based upon keys;

  • Recursion;

  • Creating computational stylesheets;

  • Working with parses;

  • Designing XML and XSLT applications;

  • Extending XSLT.