The NetWare OS

Any Novell server is fundamentally a 32-bit program called SERVER.EXE that runs from a DOS prompt. (Yep, just like Windows 3.x runs from a DOS prompt.) This means that you still have an AUTOEXEC.BAT file on your C drive—it typically consists of one line: SERVER.EXE. This server program actually doesn’t do much; for example, it can’t network on its own or access hard drives. When you load the SERVER.EXE program, the server console screen opens. This screen, shown in Figure 14.2, is a text-based interpreter that can accept various commands.

Figure 14.2. TCP/IP-based RCONJ or IPX/SPX-based RCONSOLE (or Remote Console) allows you to remotely control the server console from your desk.

NLMs and Java

In addition to accepting commands, ...

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