Deploying and Using an EJB in the J2EE Reference Implementation

You should now be in a position to write and test an EJB client. However, before you can do that, you must deploy an EJB that it can use. In this section, you will look at how to deploy an EJB in the J2EE Reference Implementation (RI) and how to then use it from a simple client.

The J2EE on which your EJB is deployed will provide a complete server-side environment. It houses any EJBs, runs a Web Server for JSP/servlets, runs a naming server for storing component location information, and provides database access. All J2EE-compliant application servers will do this—even a non-commercial version, such as the J2EE RI. The RI also provides you with a ready-to-use database so you do not ...

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