The following quiz questions are designed to test your understanding of users and groups that were covered in this hour.


1:The command to add a new user to FreeBSD is
  1. adduser

  2. newuser

  3. makeuser

  4. mkuser

  5. None of the above

A1: The correct answer is A.
2:When adding a new user to FreeBSD, the option to keep it from asking you about default settings is
  1. –shutup

  2. –noask

  3. –silent

  4. –dontbugme

  5. –usedefaults

A2: The correct answer is C.
3:The file that contains the names of groups and a list of their members is
  1. /usr/group

  2. /etc/group

  3. /etc/groups

  4. /group

  5. This information is not stored in a file

A3: The correct answer is B. None of the other files exist.
4:The command to change the group that a file belongs to is
  1. newgroup

  2. diffgroup

  3. groupchange

  4. chgroup

  5. None of the above ...

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