Chapter 24. Animated GIFs and Other Cool Tricks

After your hard work in the last 23 hours, think of this one as dessert. I’ll show you a couple of very cool tricks, and all you need to know about finding and using third-party filters.

In this hour, you will

  • Make an animated GIF

  • Put type in a circle

  • Work some magic with the Magic Eraser

  • Learn about third-party filters

Animating a GIF

Animated GIFs are those little bits of art that twirl around, blink, or wave back at you from Web pages and forum signatures on the Web. If they aren’t too big and flashy, they can be cute.

Animation is done, as it was fifty years ago, in layers. The difference is that for a GIF animation, each layer must be a complete frame with the entire picture in it. In the old days, ...

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