Sample Program

You will be implementing your BookShoppingServlet using JavaServer Pages; see Listing 5.1.

Listing 5.1. ShoppingCartJsp.jsp
 /****************************************************************************** * Class Name :ShoppingCartJsp.jsp * Description :First JSP of the JSP counterpart of Shopping Cart Application * @author Mandar S. Chitnis, Lakshmi AM. @version 1.1 * Copyright © by Sams Publishing. All Rights Reserved. *******************************************************************************/ <!-- Creates an HTML page that is used to demonstrate the shopping cart example <%@ page import="com.sams.learnweblogic7.utils.*, com.sams.learnweblogic7.servlets.*, java.util.*" %> <%! Book book1; %> <%! Book book2; %> <%! Book book3; ...

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