A Look at ASP.NET HTML Controls

When creating a new ASP.NET Web page by using the Web Matrix Project, the ASP.NET Web page is created with some default HTML markup and source code already inserted. The inserted HTML markup is shown in Listing 2.3.

Listing 2.3. The Default HTML Inserted into Each ASP.NET Web Page by the Web Matrix Project
1: <html>
2:     <head>
3:     </head>
4:     <body>
5:         <form runat="server">
6:             <!-- Insert content here -->
7:         </form>
8:     </body>
9: </html>

To see the HTML automatically inserted into an ASP.NET Web page by the Web Matrix Project, create a new ASP.NET Web page and then click the HTML tab.

Note that the HTML markup on ...

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