Chapter 4. Forms Introduced

Forms allow you to display data in an aesthetically pleasing way. They also provide an excellent mechanism for data entry. In this hour you'll learn the following:

  • What types of forms are available

  • How to open a form

  • How to work with data from within a form

  • How to find and replace table data in a form

  • How to sort and filter form data

  • How to view the design of a form

  • How to close a form

  • How to use the AutoForm feature and Form Wizard to create new forms

  • How to use conditional formatting to enhance forms

Uses for Forms

Developers often think that forms exist solely for the purpose of data entry. To the contrary, forms serve many different purposes in Access 2003:

  • Data entry—. They can be used for displaying and editing data.

  • Application ...

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