On Day 14, “JSP Tag Libraries,” you developed a custom tag library for use with your Web application. Today, you will write an XSLT stylesheet that will transform a Tag Library Descriptor (TLD) document into an HTML page for viewing.

Listing 17.18 shows the agency.tld file from Day 14 that you will transform into HTML for display by a Web browser.

Listing 17.18. Full Text of agency.tld
 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?> <taglib> <tlib-version>1.0</tlib-version> <jsp-version>2.0</jsp-version> <short-name>agency</short-name> <tag> <name>option</name> <tag-class>webagency.OptionTag</tag-class> <body-content>empty</body-content> <attribute> <name>selected</name> <required>true</required> <rtexprvalue>true</rtexprvalue> <type>java.lang.Object</type> ...

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