Viewing Records

If you verified your work in the preceding section by issuing queries through the MySQL monitor or other interface, you probably became tired of typing SELECT * FROM... for every table. In this section, you'll create the two-part script that shows you how to select and view records in your database.

Listing 18.3 shows the select-and-view script called selentry.php.

Listing 18.3. Script Called selentry.php for Selecting and Viewing a Record
  1: <?php 2: //connect to database 3: $conn = mysql_connect("localhost", "joeuser", "somepass") 4: or die(mysql_error()); 5: mysql_select_db("testDB",$conn) or die(mysql_error()); 6: 7: if ($_POST[op] != "view") { 8: //haven't seen the form, so show it 9: $display_block = "<h1>Select an Entry</h1>"; ...

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