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Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft® SharePoint™ 2003 in 10 Minutes

Book Description

Sams Teach Yourself SharePoint 2003 in 10 Minutes is the first quick reference book for users of SharePoint 2003. Easy-to-follow instructions for the most common tasks in SharePoint 2003 are the basis of this book, which also provides answers to the most commonly asked questions about using SharePoint 2003. As an end-user, you will learn the basic skills needed to work successfully with a SharePoint Services website, as well as contribute to document libraries and discussion groups. As a site administrator, you will learn fundamental skills needed to effectively manage SharePoint Services site collections. Best of all, it will only take about 10 minutes of your time to do so. Sams Teach Yourself SharePoint 2003 in 10 Minutes will prove to be a worthy investment of your two most valuable commodities: time and money.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. About the Authors
  3. We Want to Hear from You!
  4. Introduction
  5. Introduction to SharePoint 2003
    1. Windows SharePoint Services Versus SharePoint Portal Server 2003
    2. How Do I Access a SharePoint Site?
    3. Basic Features of a SharePoint Site
    4. How Organizations Use SharePoint
    5. Summary
  6. Accessing SharePoint Sites
    1. Internet Explorer Fundamentals
    2. Understanding the Internet Options
    3. Using My Network Places
    4. Summary
  7. SharePoint Site Collections Demystified
    1. Site Collections, Top-level Sites, and Subsites Defined
    2. Site Groups
    3. Subsites Defined
    4. Creating a Subsite
    5. Workspaces Defined
    6. Meeting Workspaces
    7. Summary
  8. Introduction to Web Parts
    1. What Is a Web Part?
    2. Basic Web Part Components
    3. Using the Quick Launch Bar to See the Contents of a Web Part
    4. Two Different Views of the Home Page
    5. Summary
  9. Document Library Basics
    1. Overview of the Document Library
    2. How to Upload a Document
    3. Working with Documents in the Library
    4. Summary
  10. Picture Library Basics
    1. Basic Features of the Picture Library
    2. Creating a Picture Library
    3. Using the Picture Library
    4. Tools Available in the Picture Library
    5. Accessing Additional Tools Within the Library
    6. Picture Properties
    7. Different Views Available
    8. Actions Menu
    9. Summary
  11. Using the Links, Contacts, and Events Lists
    1. The Links List
    2. The Contacts List
    3. The Events List
    4. The Calendar View of the Events List
    5. Selecting the Calendar View from the Home Page
    6. Summary
  12. Using the Tasks and Issues Lists
    1. The Tasks List
    2. Sorting and Viewing Tasks
    3. Viewing Attachments
    4. Viewing Tasks Elsewhere
    5. Issues Lists
    6. Differences Between Tasks Lists and Issues Lists
    7. Project Management Applications of Tasks and Issues Lists
    8. Summary
  13. Introduction to Metadata
    1. Defining Metadata
    2. Metadata in SharePoint
    3. Different Metadata Possibilities
    4. Textual Metadata
    5. Numerical Metadata
    6. Other Types of Metadata
    7. Importance of Metadata Standards
    8. Summary
  14. The Datasheet and Explorer Views
    1. The Datasheet View
    2. Adding New Lines in the Datasheet View
    3. Enhanced Filtering
    4. The Task Pane in Datasheet View
    5. Using the Explorer View
    6. Copying Files by Using the Explorer View
    7. Summary
  15. Modifying and Creating Views in Libraries and Lists
    1. Why Are Views Important?
    2. The Modify Settings and Columns Tool
    3. Creating a New View in the Contacts List
    4. Summary
  16. Alerts and Document Versioning
    1. The Importance of Being Alerted
    2. Creating an Alert
    3. Document Versioning
    4. Accessing the Versions of a Document
    5. Summary
  17. Using Word with SharePoint
    1. Word 2003 and Office 2003 Product Integration with SharePoint 2003
    2. Using Word 2003 to Save Documents to SharePoint
    3. Opening and Checking Out Documents from a Document Library
    4. The Shared Workspace Task Pane
    5. The Features of the Tasks Tab
    6. Document Information Tab
    7. Summary
  18. Using Excel with SharePoint
    1. Standard Uses for Excel 2003
    2. Using Excel for Printing Purposes
    3. Using Excel for Charting
    4. Exporting to Excel 2003 for Ease of Management
    5. Saving Your Excel Work
    6. Summary
  19. Summary of the Role of Site Administrator
    1. Defining the Site Administrator
    2. Understanding Site Administration Tools
    3. Administering SharePoint Roles and Rights
    4. Managing Content in the Site
    5. Displaying and Organizing Site Content
    6. Supporting and Training SharePoint End Users
    7. Summary
  20. Managing Site, Library, and List Security
    1. Understanding Site Groups
    2. Creating a Custom Site Group
    3. Setting Site Permission Inheritance
    4. Configuring List and Library Level Security
    5. Managing Anonymous Access to a Site
    6. Summary
  21. Home Page Configuration Basics
    1. Exploring a SharePoint Site Home Page
    2. Configuring Components on a SharePoint Page
    3. Changing Views on a SharePoint Page
    4. Configuring Quick Launch Settings
    5. Summary
  22. Adding and Linking Web Parts
    1. Understanding Web Parts
    2. Adding Web Parts to SharePoint Sites
    3. Importing Web Parts into a SharePoint Gallery
    4. Modifying Web Part Views
    5. Creating Customized XML Web Parts
    6. Summary
  23. Creating Libraries and Lists
    1. Creating Document Libraries
    2. Modifying Document Library Metadata
    3. Creating Standard Lists
    4. Summary
  24. Creating Custom Lists and Importing Spreadsheets
    1. Creating Custom Lists
    2. Creating and Modifying Columns in a Custom List
    3. Creating Custom Lists Using Datasheet View
    4. Importing Spreadsheets into a List
    5. Summary
  25. Creating Basic and Web Part Pages
    1. Creating Basic Pages in a SharePoint Site
    2. Creating Web Part Pages in a SharePoint Site
    3. Working with Web Part Page Zones
    4. Summary
  26. Forms in SharePoint
    1. Understanding SharePoint Forms
    2. Creating HTML Form Web Parts for SharePoint
    3. Creating XML Forms in InfoPath
    4. Filling Out Forms in a SharePoint XML Forms Library
    5. Summary
  27. Creating Sites
    1. Understanding the Site-Creation Process
    2. Understanding Sites and Workspaces
    3. Creating Sites and Workspaces
    4. Understanding Default Site Templates
    5. Creating and Using Customized Site Templates
    6. Summary
  28. Backup Strategies
    1. Understanding the Backup Process in SharePoint
    2. Backing Up SharePoint Sites Using FrontPage 2003
    3. Deleting and Re-creating Sites in Anticipation of a Full Restore
    4. Restoring Sites from FrontPage Backups
    5. Backing Up SharePoint Sites with Templates
    6. Summary
  29. Migrating and Moving Data
    1. Using STSADM to Move and Back Up Site Collections
    2. Deleting a Site Collection in Advance of a STSADM Restore
    3. Restoring a SharePoint Site Collection Using the STSADM Utility
    4. Migrating SharePoint Site Data Using the SMIGRATE Utility
    5. Summary
  30. Index