Sams Teach Yourself HTML and CSS in 24 Hours, Seventh Edition

Book description

Learn from the newest, updated edition of the highly acclaimed introduction to HTML, Sams Teach Yourself HTML and CSS In 24 Hours. The seventh edition includes updates to introduce Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) in concert with HTML to produce quality web pages. You'll be able to study revisions that refine examples, as well as provide an enhanced integration with your web pages. You'll also gain a comprehensive understanding with new examples that match the current state of HTML.

This carefully organized, well-written tutorial teaches beginning web page development skills, covering only those HTML and CSS tags that are likely to be used on creating a beginning web page. The 24 separate, one hour-long tutorials follow the process by which you should be creating your web page, building knowledge not only of how to create a web page, but building a general knowledge of how to use HTML and CSS in other projects as well.

Chapters include:

  • Understanding HTML and XHTML

  • Creating Your Own Web Page Graphics

  • Using Tables to Organize and Lay Out Your Pages

  • Using Style Sheets for Page Layout

  • Dynamic Web Pages

  • Table of contents

    1. Title Page
    2. Copyright Page
    3. Table of Contents
    4. About the Author
    5. Dedication
    6. Acknowledgments
    7. We Want to Hear from You!
    8. Reader Services
    9. Introduction
    10. Part I. Your First Web Page
      1. HOUR 1. Understanding HTML and XHTML
      2. HOUR 2. Create a Web Page Right Now
      3. HOUR 3. Linking to Other Web Pages
      4. HOUR 4. Publishing Your HTML Pages
    11. Part II. Building Practical Web Pages with HTML
      1. HOUR 5. Basic Text Alignment and Formatting
      2. HOUR 6. Creating Text Links
      3. HOUR 7. Creating Your Own Web Page Graphics
      4. HOUR 8. Putting Graphics on a Web Page
      5. HOUR 9. Custom Backgrounds and Colors
      6. HOUR 10. Graphical Links and Imagemaps
    12. Part III. Creative Web Page Design
      1. HOUR 11. Using Tables to Organize and Lay Out Your Pages
      2. HOUR 12. Formatting Web Pages with CSS Style Sheets
      3. HOUR 13. Digging Deeper into Style Sheet Formatting
      4. HOUR 14. Using Style Sheets for Page Layout
      5. HOUR 15. Creating Print-Friendly Web Pages
      6. HOUR 16. Multipage Layout with Frames
    13. Part IV. Dynamic Web Pages
      1. HOUR 17. Web Page Scripting for Nonprogrammers
      2. HOUR 18. Gathering Information with HTML Forms
      3. HOUR 19. Embedding Multimedia in Web Pages
      4. HOUR 20. Jazz Up Your eBay Auctions with HTML and CSS
      5. HOUR 21. Create Your Own Blog
    14. Part V. Building a Web Site
      1. HOUR 22. Organizing and Managing a Web Site
      2. HOUR 23. Helping People Find Your Web Pages
      3. HOUR 24. Beyond Traditional Web Sites
    15. Part VI. Appendixes
      1. APPENDIX A. Readers' Most Frequently Asked Questions
      2. APPENDIX B. HTML and CSS Resources on the Internet
      3. APPENDIX C. Complete XHTML 1.1 and CSS 2 Quick Reference
      4. APPENDIX D. Migrating from HTML to XHTML
      5. HTML and CSS Quick Reference
    16. Index
    17. HTML and CSS Quick Reference

    Product information

    • Title: Sams Teach Yourself HTML and CSS in 24 Hours, Seventh Edition
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: December 2005
    • Publisher(s): Sams
    • ISBN: 9780672328411