Sams Teach Yourself PHP, MySQL® and Apache All in One, Fifth Edition

Book description

In just a short time, you can learn how to use PHP, MySQL, and Apache together to create dynamic, interactive websites and applications using the three leading open-source web development technologies. Using a straightforward, step-by-step approach, each lesson in this book builds on the previous ones, enabling you to learn the essentials of PHP scripting, MySQL databases, and the Apache web server from the ground up.

Julie C. Meloni is a technical consultant who has been developing web-based applications since the Web first saw the light of day. She has authored numerous books and articles on web application development and HTML/CSS, and you can find translations of her work in 18 different languages.

Learn how to…

• Install, configure, and set up the PHP scripting language, the MySQL database system, and the Apache Web server

• Get these technologies to work together to create a dynamic, database-backed website

• Interact with MySQL using PHP

• Work with forms and files

• Create a web-based discussion forum or mailing list

• Add a storefront and shopping cart to your site

• Optimize your MySQL databases

• Fine-tune the Apache server’s performance

• Restrict access to your applications

• Set up a secure web server

Table of contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Contents at a Glance
  4. Table of Contents
  5. About the Author
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. We Want to Hear from You!
  8. Reader Services
  9. Introduction
  10. Part I: Getting Up and Running
    1. Chapter 1. Installation QuickStart Guide with XAMPP
    2. Chapter 2. Installing and Configuring MySQL
    3. Chapter 3. Installing and Configuring Apache
    4. Chapter 4. Installing and Configuring PHP
  11. Part II: PHP Language Structure
    1. Chapter 5. The Building Blocks of PHP
    2. Chapter 6. Flow Control Functions in PHP
    3. Chapter 7. Working with Functions
    4. Chapter 8. Working with Arrays
    5. Chapter 9. Working with Objects
  12. Part III: Getting Involved with the Code
    1. Chapter 10. Working with Strings, Dates, and Time
    2. Chapter 11. Working with Forms
    3. Chapter 12. Working with Cookies and User Sessions
    4. Chapter 13. Working with Files and Directories
    5. Chapter 14. Working with Images
  13. Part IV: PHP and MySQL Integration
    1. Chapter 15. Understanding the Database Design Process
    2. Chapter 16. Learning Basic SQL Commands
    3. Chapter 17. Using Transactions and Stored Procedures in MySQL
    4. Chapter 18. Interacting with MySQL Using PHP
  14. Part V: Basic Projects
    1. Chapter 19. Managing a Simple Mailing List
    2. Chapter 20. Creating an Online Address Book
    3. Chapter 21. Creating a Simple Discussion Forum
    4. Chapter 22. Creating an Online Storefront
    5. Chapter 23. Creating a Shopping Cart Mechanism
    6. Chapter 24. Creating a Simple Calendar
    7. Chapter 25. Restricting Access to Your Applications
    8. Chapter 26. Logging and Monitoring Web Server Activity
    9. Chapter 27. Application Localization
    10. Chapter 28. Working with XML and JSON
  15. Part VI: Administration and Fine-Tuning
    1. Chapter 29. Apache Performance Tuning and Virtual Hosting
    2. Chapter 30. Setting Up a Secure Web Server
    3. Chapter 31. Optimizing and Tuning MySQL
    4. Chapter 32. Performing Software Upgrades
    5. Chapter 33. Using Application Frameworks
  16. Index
  17. Where are the Companion Content Files?

Product information

  • Title: Sams Teach Yourself PHP, MySQL® and Apache All in One, Fifth Edition
  • Author(s): Julie Meloni
  • Release date: May 2012
  • Publisher(s): Sams
  • ISBN: 9780132603706