LESSON 1. What Is Foursquare?

In this lesson we cover the basics of what Foursquare is all about, and how it works, using geolocation and geotagging to place you on a map.

How Foursquare Works

At its heart, Foursquare is a locationally aware game—a game based on doing things related to where you are in the world. The core of Foursquare is to “check in” at the places you frequent (stores, restaurants, events, anything that has a location) and, as you check in, you earn points. As you earn points and check in, you earn badges. The badges can be silly, like the Player badge when you happen to check into a location with lots of members of the opposite sex. Or they can be tied to an event, like the Swarm badge, when 50 or more people check into ...

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