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Sams Teach Yourself Mint.com in 10 Minutes

Book Description

With more than 1 million users and growing, Mint.com has proven its value as a tool for helping you manage your savings, investments, loans, and more. Mint.com provides a free - and simple - service: an online single-point-of access for all areas of your financial life. This includes savings, mortgage, credit cards, student loans, retirement accounts, stocks and mutual fund investments, and car loans. In addition to providing you with a single login to check on the status of all your financial dealings, the site also offers you services to improve your financial situation. Sams Teach Yourself Mint.com offers straightforward, practical answers for fast results. By working through the 10-minute lessons, you will learn everything you need to know to quickly and easily get up to speed with Mint.com. Step-by-step instructions walk you through the most common questions, issues, and tasks... "Did You Know?" tips offer insider advice and shortcuts... "Watch Out!" alerts help you avoid problems. Whether you're a beginner or experienced user, Sams Teach Yourself Mint.com will provide you with fast, at-a-glance tips, pointing out helpful shortcuts and solutions, cautions to help avoid common Mint.com pitfalls, and is written in a clear easy to understand format.