Hour 23. HTML5 and JavaScript

What You’ll Learn in This Hour

• About the new HTML5 markup tags

• How to handle video and audio

• Using the <canvas> element

• Drag and drop in HTML5

• Working with local storage

• How to interface with the local file system


Note how it’s written: HTML5. There’s no space between the L and the 5.

The previous version of HTML, HTML 4.01, has been around since 1999.

The XML-based version of HTML, XHTML, had been the subject of various recent W3C efforts, the latest having been moves toward XHTML2. In 2009 the W3C announced that XHTML2 was to be dumped in favor of diverting resources to a new version of HTML, HTML5.

This latest incarnation of HTML concentrates on developing HTML as a front end for web applications, ...

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